Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Question of Geekiness

I know, like, at least 5 people want to kill me now.

For the last two weeks+, I've been obsessing over World of Warcraft and it's humongozoid amount of players. Trying to catch up on the lingo&slang is kind of like cramming for a biology test; nerve-wracking and dizzying. Tank? PuG? Raid? Nelf? Add to the fact that my clumsy fingers can't seem to dance flawlessly over my MacBook's keyboard and I practically scream n00b.
And, while this could be my own point of view, but I keep feeling like I have to prove myself to other players, because I'm a new girl player. Girl geek/gamers are suddenly all the rage in the mainstream, and it's kind of difficult to shrug off the eclectic hipster attitude of girl gamers to reveal a true gamer instead. I often find that I need to put in more effort than a simple casual player might, simply because I want to prove myself in the gaming world.

Has any other gamer/geek/nerd had this problem?
Have you felt the need to prove to the other Klingons in your group that you're just as ferocious as them? Do you want to smack someone in the face when they make stupid comments about girl gamers? I'd like to hear them!


  1. I know this has nothing to do with your post but loving your glasses and your hair hehe (: !

  2. Oh gosh I feel the same, I'm generally interested in games thanks to the ex, constantly making me play them with him... and I actually sit there like :| when a guys like OOOH YOUR A GIRL1!! whilst his friends are like get in there.. it's sad and I hate that gaming is mostly a lads thing.. like they didn't play with dolls once upon a time ;3

  3. Moi: Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! :D
    Trouble Maker: Seriously! I've started to play a male (troll shaman) but no one knows I'm a girl. So it's awesome. Guys don't treat me weird if they think I'm a guy too. :D Plus, I'm writing a paper on gender differences in video-games.