Friday, August 7, 2009


This will be a bit morbid for a first blog post, but I believe it's imperative that I write this down and share it to others.
A few weeks ago, the vision I had for my blog was one that shared a cupcake &sprinkles &sparkles attitude towards life, and I wanted to inspire people to live as magically as they could. I thought that by writing style tips aimed at other people, or shared favourite designers that I thought others would enjoy, I could somehow change the world.
So, I was getting ready to post a few things for this week, when all of a sudden I got a thunder-bolt shock of news: a friend from high school, who was only 17, had passed away during an important surgery to restore her health.
Now, I'm not going to pretend that we were best friends and I always with her; that's not the point of this post. The point was that in those moments we spent together (a three-day long trip to Stratford, Ontario; prom; silly lunch hours; history class...) she managed to transform my ideas. She never once complained about her condition, and I started to feel uncomfortable complaining myself. The less I complained, the less I felt like I had to complain about.
My friend always had the brightest outlook on her struggles, and never backed down from doing things that may have been considered unorthodox. She dared to wear the craziest things (from a huge pink prom dress, to crocs in the wintertime!), and she followed her dream of learning how to be a master chef by going to cooking school.
She may have had her faults, but what some people called stubborness I call tenacity. What some people called strange, I saw as quirky.
She dared to be whoever she wanted to be, and changed so many people along the way.

So, in spirit of her daring attitude, this blog is not going to be about inspiring others to live more passionately; it'll be about inspiring myself. If I manage to catch your attention and your attitudes for just a moment, and could give you a little more spring in your step, than I'll consider that a success. If I only can change my own attitudes, then that too is a success.
To change the world you have to start with yourself, right?

Now go run in some sprinklers!
-The Bunny Geek