Monday, December 7, 2009

This is me, right now.

Yeah people, this is my face right now.
No, seriously. I'm totally peeved off at all the work I have to do.
It's a short sprint until I'm done school for this semester, and then have to sprint around the holidays.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Makeup Marauder: Gypsy Cake

I'm Ashley Skye, and I am a lazy makeup addict.
I love the looks that makeup artistry can achieve, but not the time that people have to spend to recreate it. I'm a student with classes at 8am, jeesh! Does it sound like I have time?

Thus, I'm stuck working with a tight clock. Over the years, I've become devoted to creating eye-catching looks with minimal effort and time. I'll be posting more of my little effort/big pow looks later on, so keep an eye out for them!

My first look is one that I've been sporting for the last little while, and I call it Gypsy-Cake. I've gotten some great compliments on it, and it's great for any eye-colour/shape or what-not.

The rule of this look:
No brushes.
Really. Applying this much colour requires the use of your (clean) fingers. The colour spreads much softer and smoother. You want it to look gritty, like cupcake frosting that's gotten a little dirty.

For this entire look, I've only used three colours (all from MAC: Stars 'N Rockets (deliciously sheer reflective violet), Vibrant Grape (an intense true purple) and Aquadesiac (if I had to wear one colour for the rest of my life, it'd be this).

Start by the middle of your eyes, spreading Stars N'Rockets until it gets as opaque as it can get. Go from the inner corners of your eyes, just to the middle. Next, apply Aquadesiac from the middle of your eyes to where your brow bone ends.

If you prefer it to be more intense, keep applying Aquadesiac until it's just right.
Next, take Vibrant Grape and apply it over-top of Stars N'Rockets. Don't cover S.n.R, just make it more intense.
If you feel that there's too much of a stiff line between the purple and aqua, blend the two together until they're seamless.
Add black mascara, and you're ready to catch your bus.

Overall, don't worry about making this look clean; it's not about that. It's about being bright, messy, and artsy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting, eh?

I know I promised my posts wouldn’t turn into a some sort of diary for everyone to read online, but I feel like it is really necessary for me to just muse a bit.

So I’ll keep it short. :>

I find that right now, there’s a lot of transitions in my life. Things are changing, and I’m finally taking action in doing things I want to do. Sure, they’re usually things that are superficial, but they seem to have a huge impact on my personality and life.

I’m going to be getting my lip pierced in the next few weeks, shoving my fears and worries aside. I haven’t spoken to my parents about it yet, but so long as it’s my money and I take cafe of my piercing I doubt there will be much fuss. Maybe my mom will say something along the lines of, “But you could model, Ashley! You’ve ruined your face!”. My dad may pipe in an odd, “doesn’t look professional”, but they wouldn’t care too much.

I feel like it’s one thing that will be the catalyst for many more positive transformations. Now, have you experienced the same? The first time you coloured your hair pink, or got a tattoo, or started your own Etsy store; did that lead to a positive transformation in your life? 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New News!

Good day to everyone who’s in the middle of midterm exams or studying, I’m stuck in the same situation as you all.

This post is just to announce some recent developments for the blog, all very fun!

First, there will be some geek-based weekly posts to look forward to.
The Bunny Geek will also start to become very locally based, so anyone in the Montreal region should be prepared!

I hope I can fulfill all your geek-chic blog desires, and I can’t wait to start it up!

-The Bunny Geek

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cutie Moment

I'd like to take this time to truly appreciate how much of a cutie Ana Pascal is. She's played by Maggie Gyllenhaal and quite frankly, my idol (or at least one of them).

Seriously, how incredible were the tattoos she sported? They were soft and not 'stickerish' (you know, when fake tattoos just seem so glossy and bright they're like stickers), and her character seems like someone you could just bump into on the street.

And who doesn't love an anarchist baker?

Friday, August 7, 2009


This will be a bit morbid for a first blog post, but I believe it's imperative that I write this down and share it to others.
A few weeks ago, the vision I had for my blog was one that shared a cupcake &sprinkles &sparkles attitude towards life, and I wanted to inspire people to live as magically as they could. I thought that by writing style tips aimed at other people, or shared favourite designers that I thought others would enjoy, I could somehow change the world.
So, I was getting ready to post a few things for this week, when all of a sudden I got a thunder-bolt shock of news: a friend from high school, who was only 17, had passed away during an important surgery to restore her health.
Now, I'm not going to pretend that we were best friends and I always with her; that's not the point of this post. The point was that in those moments we spent together (a three-day long trip to Stratford, Ontario; prom; silly lunch hours; history class...) she managed to transform my ideas. She never once complained about her condition, and I started to feel uncomfortable complaining myself. The less I complained, the less I felt like I had to complain about.
My friend always had the brightest outlook on her struggles, and never backed down from doing things that may have been considered unorthodox. She dared to wear the craziest things (from a huge pink prom dress, to crocs in the wintertime!), and she followed her dream of learning how to be a master chef by going to cooking school.
She may have had her faults, but what some people called stubborness I call tenacity. What some people called strange, I saw as quirky.
She dared to be whoever she wanted to be, and changed so many people along the way.

So, in spirit of her daring attitude, this blog is not going to be about inspiring others to live more passionately; it'll be about inspiring myself. If I manage to catch your attention and your attitudes for just a moment, and could give you a little more spring in your step, than I'll consider that a success. If I only can change my own attitudes, then that too is a success.
To change the world you have to start with yourself, right?

Now go run in some sprinklers!
-The Bunny Geek