Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting, eh?

I know I promised my posts wouldn’t turn into a some sort of diary for everyone to read online, but I feel like it is really necessary for me to just muse a bit.

So I’ll keep it short. :>

I find that right now, there’s a lot of transitions in my life. Things are changing, and I’m finally taking action in doing things I want to do. Sure, they’re usually things that are superficial, but they seem to have a huge impact on my personality and life.

I’m going to be getting my lip pierced in the next few weeks, shoving my fears and worries aside. I haven’t spoken to my parents about it yet, but so long as it’s my money and I take cafe of my piercing I doubt there will be much fuss. Maybe my mom will say something along the lines of, “But you could model, Ashley! You’ve ruined your face!”. My dad may pipe in an odd, “doesn’t look professional”, but they wouldn’t care too much.

I feel like it’s one thing that will be the catalyst for many more positive transformations. Now, have you experienced the same? The first time you coloured your hair pink, or got a tattoo, or started your own Etsy store; did that lead to a positive transformation in your life?