Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby buy-buy-buy!

Window licking, window shopping, simply just lust. Whatever. I've amassed an incredible amount of things I want to buy online from amazingly awesome stores. Let me take your through my wish list... Remember: gift-giving is not limited to holidays or birthdays.

If you're a fan of the seriously medically cute,
refrain from squealing too loud. Mary's Etsy store is full of ridiculously-hyperventilatingly cute little silver sloth necklaces and PIN-WHEEL RINGS. Tea cups, silver whisks (read WHISKS not WHIPS), toasters, stars with the sweetest little faces... But really... a PINWHEEL RING. *breathes into a brown bag*

Now... While I'm not a huge leg tattoo fan, I'
m totally head over HEELS (hah) for Gabby & Tal's tattoo socks. Especially the octopus socks, swirlies whirlies, and the deliciously self-centered interweb-friendly Twitter tights. Or, for those who want to channel Darkstalkers' Morrigan, check out this bat-tastic tights sure to please the baby-goth in all of us.


On the topic of hawt, steamy VG characters... After all this online shoppin' & succubus lustin', you'll have to wash up, you shtinky schweaty beast you! What better way than with Mountain Dew scented retro NES controller soap? Grandaddy NES controller crampin' your style? What about a realistic Xbox controller, or manly scented PS controller? Yeeee-ah!

Not only that, but think of who you're supporting with your lust. No, not the succubus! The Etsy artists&sellers! Come on! You know you want to!

Corny jokes for you all,
-Ashley Skye

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  1. Hahaha, you'd think you were sponsored or something :P